It felt like london this morning


And then it felt like Christmas. Went to IKEA and got my new desk today. I've been looking for a corner desk for my office for some time. My new Galant desk in birch suits the bill quite well. The desk quality is pretty good, especially for IKEA, where you sometimes get what you pay for. $25 stand = $2.50 worth in materials. The only problems I have with this desk is that perhaps the surface is a tad too soft for someone who isn't careful with their furniture. You can write on it without putting dents in it but drop something and you'll see a dink. In my hopes to have a giganto desk, I bought an extension leaf for this desk. However, this didn't work out because the extension is too big for my existing office space which I share with my dad.

My mom purchased an under-desk organizational unit which took forever to assemble. My wrists hurt, despite using the power drill. It took me two hours to assemble and I'm already quite decent with assembling piecemeal furniture.
I'm enjoying my clean clean desk (since I haven't put stuff back in here. hehehehe.) and my wrists hurt too much to type. Ough.