config time


While I've been trying to get this thing configged and closer to looking uber cool like this I'm just highly tempted to save my time and snag his, then reverse engineer it a bit.

Uggah. It took me long enough to figure out how to change the links at the bottom, much less make them pop up all cool and such. What has me stumped is why there is a line break missing.

All these pretty sites out there... And some much info to jam into my head. I doubt that I'll have a reworked site by next week, but we'll see. I really do like all the nifty features sean willson has and the .. Okay fine.

I'll come clean. I really wanted a song playing module so you could see all my odd music. really. I know. how conceited. Plus this platform was interesting. It's much less "out of box" operable than geeklog. But geeklog is more collaborative than movable type. If you had the inclination to write layouts for geeklog, I'm sure you could have gotten around to something great. However, because mt uses css, and evidently some talented artsy people know css well, mt sites can be really nice eye candy.

Check out and look at her playlist. It is just tooo cool. And you can do this with books, too. You'd be able to see what I was reading, in my wishlist, etc.

In any case, I've resolved to resolve my procrastination issues by going to bed early. Yes, that way I can attempt to get up early tomorrow and get a move on. Someone smack me up 'side the head and call me bad names. The panic siren isn't broken, but it seems to come with a snooze bar.